Some Tips for Special Vehicle’s Daily Maintenance
Jan 01,1970
Check the Truck tyre during long driving:
Firstly, the truck driving in the road when the road is poor, with particular attention to traffic and Truck tyre safety.  In this road, Truck tyre, or other foreign body may impact crater, resulting in shock Truck tyre material and squeezed between the rim flange deformation will cause severe internal tire cord yarn broken Truck tyre, Truck tyre air inside the yarn from breaking from the formation of bulge at the top. So please keep in mind when driving.

Second, Truck tyre tread depth of 1.6 mm groove position on Truck tyre wear indicator, Truck tyre wear to the flag, it should be a change tires. At this time the drainage Truck tyre, grip and other properties have been substantially reduced, and continue to use more than signs of the Truck tyre wear is very dangerous, so please check your trip by the former using the Truck tyre, if you have to wear signs of Please replace them with new Truck tyre.

Long trip need to increase the tire pressure

Do not forget to check before travel Truck tyre's air pressure, appearance, wear, etc. to ensure safe journey and avoid drinking and driving, speeding and other bad driving habits. Long-distance driving truck, the tyre shall meet the requirements to maintain the correct pressure. Long-distance travel or run the average speed, then the tire pressure to increase the number in advance, it is a good Truck tyre cooling, to prevent puncture. At the same time to do some testing wheel alignment, check Truck tyre there are other issues, such as from the package, in order to be repaired before departure.

How to Adjust Slack Adjusters on Trailer Brakes
Before beginning your adjustment, it is important to block the tires to prevent the trailer from moving. The best way to avoid movement is to raise the vehicle on jack stands during the adjustment. Have the brake system at full pressure, lower the emergency brake, and push in the air valve, thereby releasing the brakes. Listen for any air leaks, as they can decrease your braking ability. Using a piece of chalk, mark the push rod where it leaves the air chamber.

Using a screwdriver for leverage, pull the push rod out of the air chamber, and measure from the chalk line to the air chamber. That shows you the "stroke range"; anything more than three-quarters of an inch would mean the brakes need an adjustment.

Locate the manual slack adjuster bolt. It connects the s-cam to the air chamber on the axle housing with the push rod. Using the appropriate sized wrench, turn the slack adjuster. Watch the s-cam to see the direction it is moving to ensure you are adjusting it correctly. You can tell you are adjusting it the wrong way if the push rod is pulling out of the air chamber. Continue tightening until you feel resistance, which means you have drawn the brake linings to the drum.

Reverse the slack adjuster one-quarter to one-half of a turn to put a little distance between the drum and the linings.

Pressurize the system and apply the brakes using normal pressure. You should have no more than one-tenth of an inch between the brake linings and the drum, and there should be no more that 2 inches of travel in the push rod stroke.

Self-adjusting slack adjusters need to be checked regularly. Grease the adjusters and the cam brackets to increase their service life. When measuring the push rod distance, try to keep each axle at the same measurement to keep each wheel's stopping ability the same.

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