The Chinese New Year holiday ended, MPMC officially starts to work!
Jan 01,1970
The traditional Chinese New Year holiday in China ended on February 12, 2019. Accompanied by rumbling fireworks, MPMC officially starts to work!
As in previous years, under the leadership of the company's chairman, Mr. Doherty Du, the leadership gave each employee a New Year's greeting, and also prepared a large "red envelope" for each employee.
The company's leaders cordially greeted each employee. Leaders care about whether their vacations are enjoyable and whether the return is smooth. In addition, the leaders encourage employees to take the position to actively meet the new challenges of the New Year. The employees accepted the New Year’s greetings of the leaders in turn, and everyone’s faces were filled with happy smiles and felt a warmth in their hearts.
Everyone is happy to hold the "red envelope", and the employees feel full of motivation. In the ambiguous atmosphere, each of our New Year's starting days is so spectacular.
At the end of the groundbreaking ceremony, the new horn has been blown and MPMC has started its new year of work. Relying on the joy and peace of the Year of the Pig, we will devote a serious and dedicated heart to our cause. We hope that in the Year of the Pig in 2019, the MPMC's employees can work together in a united and harmonious way, more efficient execution, healthier operations, and strive to define our 2019.
Once again, MPMC wishes everyone a happy new year! "Pig" annual meeting is going well and good luck continues!
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