Comprehensive Knowledge of the Windshield
Jan 01,1970
Although the automotive industry and the glass industry are two different areas of industry, which is a form of manufacturing machinery, light industry belongs to the latter, but the vehicle development process, the two are getting closer. Glass technology has been completely infiltrated by the automotive industry, automotive technology has become an indispensable member. Now, it is always the safety and appearance of the vehicle from the point of view of research and development of automotive glass, introducing new varieties.

Automotive glass before the main windshield. As early as 80 years ago, glass has been installed in the Ford plant produced the T-car, was fitted with flat glass in the front compartment, motorists would be exposed to the elements from those who suffered. From the decades, the glass industry, step by step into the automotive industry, has created a variety of safety glass - laminated glass, toughened glass and toughened glass, and other varieties of the region has greatly improved the performance of automobile glass.

Which refers to the laminated glass with a transparent plastic film and adhesive can be affixed to two-or three-storey glass, plastic and glass strength and toughness of the hard-combination of increased anti-broken glass capacity. Glass refers to the general hardening of glass so that the internal organization of a certain stress, so that the strength of reinforced glass, broken by the impact, the glass will be split into with the blunt edge of small fragments, the crew of the damage is not easy.

The region is tempered glass tempered glass of a new product, through its special treatment, can be affected when it broke down, the glass can crack maintain a certain degree of clarity to ensure that drivers of the regional vision will not be affected. At present, car windscreen with laminated tempered glass and laminated tempered glass of regional-based, can withstand strong impact.

Modern cars with the appearance of the development is closely related to the development of the glass. As early as 40 years ago, before the car windshield has a single-piece curved windshield, and gradually abandoned the windshield of the plane type. Today car windscreen as a whole is generally caused by a type of large-surface, both up and down about a certain degree of curvature. This glass surface, whether from the processing or assembly line with the point of view, is a very high technical requirements of the product, because it involves models, strength, insulation, assembly and many other issues.

Add the edge of a window frame and body surface smooth transition, glass and body into a seamless whole, not only from the visual coordination and the overall feel beautiful, but also can reduce the drag coefficient of the vehicle. In addition, the glass surface with a high intensity, can be thin glass, the lightweight car to a certain extent.

The modern car windshield surface to be bending the corner of the flatness is higher and can not appear on the optical distortion, the driver seat from any angle to watch the outside do not object deformation is not stunning. Car before the glass is usually neatly with the strip along the edge of the glass or modified protection, cars are now on the use of glass ceramic glaze, the so-called "black border."

There are also many car windshield coating, or reflective coating process to improve the composition of the glass, only to let the sun into visible light inside, to block ultraviolet and infrared, to a large extent mitigated by the crew of the hot pain. This is called "green glass" car of the modern glass has been widely used.
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Comprehensive Knowledge of the Windshield Comprehensive Knowledge of the Windshield
Although the automotive industry and the glass industry are two different areas of industry, which is a form of manufacturing machinery, light industry belongs to the latter, but the vehicle developme...
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